Birthday time

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Okay so today is my 18th birthday. A day that a couple of years back I never thought I would see. I used to be in a place where it was very possible that I wouldn’t see my 17th birthday so to be seeing my 18th is a massive achievement. It proves that I have changed and that I have turned my life around. Not only have I stepped away from a lot of things I used to do but I have successfully managed to get my life on track and I am now feeling the happiest I have been for quite some time. Being able to sit and write this means everything to me. I remember the days where I would tell everyone that it would be the last time they saw me as things were too hard and I was going to end it all that day. After a few failed attempts and time spent working in getting better I am now at a place where I no longer think like that and I look forward to everything that has to come.

In the 18 years I have been alive I have faced several events which I don’t want to face again and wish them upon no one. But this year I’m gonna spend my birthday differently from others and I’m gonna enjoy it. I’m gonna cherish every moment and make it the best birthday i have had for years.

Having great friends and family around me to celebrate my birthday with me means everything for me. I am happy to be alive and hope that this next year is one to remember. And only for good things.

Bye for now 😀

  1. Luanne Gibbons says:

    Well Done Hayley. I am so proud of the way you turned your life round. Keep going and your blog is brilliant. xx

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