It’s hard to understand

Posted: November 11, 2011 in growing stronger, self help

As most of you will know recently I have been thinking about my career and how I would like to be a social worker, well at this moment I am still striving to achieve this but over these last few days some other things have been popping into my mind. I guess it all started the other day when I was working with a young girl who if you saw her you would know her life at home wasn’t easy. She is four years old and flinches if you call her name and stands looking worried every time you are about to talk to her. The other day I noticed that her wellie boots were on the wrong feet but how do you tell a four year old with making them feel silly or even afraid. I didn’t tell her about her wellies I just kept it to myself. Another scary thing is that we were making a weather mobile and asked her to draw a snowman. In my head I had thought that every child would know what a snowman was, but not this child. She drew a long thin thing that didn’t look anything like a snowman and then made it all different colours. I was confused to say the least. I asked her if she had ever built a snowman before and she told me she hadn’t! I remember being younger than four and being out in the snow building a snowman, it’s just something you do as a kid. Obviously her parents have no time for her and the neglect she is receiving is making her miss out on some of the best childhood memories you could have. These are only a couple of the things that have brought to my attention.

This little girl really made me think, so many people out there have children then don’t bother to look after them. I can’t bare the thought of how many children are stuck in homes where their safety is at risk and they aren’t getting to live the childhood they deserve. In a few years time no matter what I am doing I want to take at least one of that children out of that horrible situation and give them a good home. I want to be a foster parent.

I know that at this particular moment I am a bit young and I need a few years to get myself a secure place to live and a settled life first but this something I will do and I will make a child happy 🙂

This is all I really have to say in this blog, just a nice short one. 🙂


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