A dedication to a inspirational woman.

Posted: January 20, 2012 in growing stronger, tough times

Happy new year all, this is my first blog of the year due to not having time to sit down and write whats been going on. To sum things up this last few weeks have been going really well, I’ve had a lot of stress getting things done for college but this is all over now and I’m glad I managed it. I have been working a lot too and also catching up with a friends and family. All in all the last few weeks have been not too bad.

The main point of this blog is not to do with the last few weeks, today I received some bad news. I was told that one of the most inspirational women in my life passed away. This woman was someone that I owed my life too. Literally. You may be wondering what I mean but without the support I received through all the rough times in my life I would not be alive today. This woman was the first ever person I spoke openly to about my self harm and sexual abuse.

Without her approaching me and working with me on a daily basis to get me to open up I would have continued on the path I was on and would probably be dead by now. This is not something that I share with a lot of people but I really did feel like she was meant to be the one that found out first. So you see I really do owe her my life.

Any time I was feeling down I could go speak to her, she knew more about me than my mum does. For about a year I saw her on a daily basis, monday to friday that is. She was one amazing woman and I’m sure there are many more people out there that agree with me. She really touched my heart and I will never forget what she did for me.

Being the first ever person I spoke to about my self harm mean that she was the one that received every emotion I felt about. I broke down in front of her explaining to her some of the things I did to myself. It hurts me to think that I dumped all of this on her. Everyday that I failed myself I would go see her and tell her she would make sure I was alright, both physically and emotionally.

I remember telling her about the first time I overdosed, she was so supportive. Not once did she say the words stupid or inconsiderate. She had all the right things to say and made me feel much better, she called the hospital to see what we should do and then made me stick around the whole day so that she could keep an eye on me.

As I said before she was an amazing woman and without her being in my life who knows where I would be. I have so much respect for her and as I get older I will continue to keep the memories with me.

R.I.P. —;@


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