It’s time to start a new chapter

Posted: March 14, 2012 in growing stronger

So it’s official I’m leaving makro and heading off into a new job. I’m off to work for the Richmond fellowship Scotland, where I will be working with people with mental health issues. I can’t wait for it to start and for my future to start to shape.

Since being offered this job I’ve been thinking a lot about my issues I used to have with mental health. Who would have thought that just a few years on I would be off to help other people cope. I struggled for many years with a mental health illness and no one really knew enough about it to support me properly but now I’m going to use my past along with new knowledge to help other people cope with things I couldn’t. Just about 4-5 years ago I was lying on a hospital bed after attempting to take my life and now I’m going to be helping others live theirs to the full. Who would of thought it?

Ive also been thinking a lot about my mental state that I was in at that time and looking back I was in a very deep state of depression for many years and to be honest I’ve only been away from that for a couple of years but I never received treatment for it. Professionals insisted that it was to do with my age and nothing else but being older and slightly wiser I now know exactly where I was and what it was like not only for me but the people around me. I relied on several being there for me picking up the pieces behind me. In a way I guess I made some people’s lives very difficult, especially my mum. For this I am sorry. One day I will repay every person that was there for me when I was at my lowest for all that they did for me. I am now going to be using these negative experiences for good and I can’t wait to make hundreds of new positive experiences.

So that’s just a quick update on my news. Will keep you all posted. If you were there for me when I was at my worst thanks for caring and being there. It meant a lot and I am very grateful even if I maybe didn’t express it at the time. Thank you.

Bye for now 🙂


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