Its a new year…

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

So a new year has begun and already exciting things are happening. I sent away my application to university today and look forward to hopefully heading there after summer. Its the second time ive applied for university but this time it feels right. Which to me is a good sign. The preparation of setting up my charity is coming along nicely and the support I am receiving from people is amazing. I honestly can’t believe how smoothly everything is just fitting into place. It will be up and running before I know it. I aim to be up and running by early February. Its a scary thought as its so close but its also the most exciting thing. Ive also spent some time with friends setting off lanterns, making our wishes for 2013. We each did 3. So i don’t really normally do these things but you know it was kinda cool. The first one i set off didn’t work properly. But the others worked great. It was cool seeing them fly away and it kinda was like a wish floating away just like when your young and blow out the candles on your birthday cakes. It made me think, it doesn’t matter what age you are you still believe in things that you did when you were young. Its pretty cool how one thing brings back so many memories and means so much to so many people. Its got me thinking about what I can use as therapy for myself on a bad day or for people that I am supporting to make them realise that even small things can be useful when you are trying to get “better”. So that’s just a few things that have been happening. I shall keep you all posted on any developments that happen. Bye for now. 🙂


Let you worries fly away.


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