Those little things that mean a lot…

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

So today was a big day and is another piece added to the puzzle of my life. Today I graduated with my HNC in social care. It’s one more step closer to me reaching my ultimate dream.

Its funny how things work out some times. Who would of thought that I would be on the right path knowing exactly what I want in life. I spent so long feeling like I had no future and now I have everything to look forward to. I know which direction I want to go in and I am moving along the path quicker than I ever thought I would.

This qualification is the first official thing to say that I’m good at what I’m doing. My charity is my main focus just now and my qualification is one step forward for this as who knows what the future might hold, one day I might have enough funding and work with the charity that this is what I do full time, well this is the dream anyway.

Well thats all I wanted to share today. This small thing means so much to me and I wanted to share a bit of my happiness with you. Take hold of the small things and embrace each and everyone of them. Life is full of enjoyment and sometimes its not easy to see but its important that you take hold of them and use them to your advantage! 🙂Image


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